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About us

We realize experiences & rock adventures

We are packers and roll up our sleeves. We are an ideas workshop and all-round implementer. We are creative sparring partner and do nails-with-head. Always and everywhere.

Our claim as an event agency: Bringing your event to life with sparking StoryMagic and FUNtasy.

About Us

We know how to play!

As Austria’s largest event agency with an event module offer for events and promotions, we carry out more than 400 events a year in our main area of operation, Austria and Germany, and coordinate just as many highly trained event managers. With heart and mind we stage brand presentations on site and inspire young and old!

Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur
Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur
Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur


We have as many FUNtastic ideas as there are stars in the sky!

With childlike curiosity and joy of experimentation, we also privately like to try out promising innovations and test them in the development phase with our experience managers – if necessary also with our own 35 children of all ages!

Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur

...entertain FAMILIES

Children are masters of play and as such are our source of inspiration and our teachers to see the world through their eyes.

From the very beginning, they are at the center of our thinking: marketing concepts are “round” for us when they also take into account the needs of the little ones: responsible, respectful, age-appropriate and honest.

We are convinced: if the family is doing well, we are all doing well!

Kind als Blumenmädchen


The event-suitable, personnel and above all economic realization of fantastic ideas is our specialty!

As an event agency, we make great concepts work at the event, drawing on our wealth of experience, our experience managers and, of course, our “warehouse of unlimited possibilities”.

Das Erlebnismanagement Umsetzungsagentur wir sind spielen


Perfect staging of leisure pleasures and well thought-out presentation concepts as live experiences are our passion even after more than 20 years!

People want contact with people and they want to experience something! Despite behavioral trends due to digitalization and mobilization, basic needs remain the same. More than ever, we want to move people in a sophisticated, professional way for sustainable brand experiences.

Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur
  • 1996
    “Käpt ́n Hugo” is the guarantor for fun and games: Mag. Dietmar Gamperl and Mag. Reinhard Stachl found the company for the implementation of “children’s adventure programs” in Eastern Styria. (168 daily programs in the region.)
  • 2001
    For the first time, more than 100 event events are held throughout Austria each year. The first “kidsMANIA Tour”, a family-oriented theme and experience tour for brand manufacturers, is launched.
  • 2003
    Under the new company name “Das Erlebnismanagement”, around 150 events are implemented per year and the business areas are expanded: experience academy, consulting, events and corporate events.
  • 2007
    The execution of product presentations for branded companies is the most important business segment. The number of prestigious customers is constantly increasing. About 400 event days for both families and adults are realized.
  • 2019
    Move into the newly constructed warehouse and office building in Schildbach, Hartberg-Umgebung. More space in a modern warehouse and logistics center for further projects and a powerful positioning as an international event implementation partner for brand article manufacturers as well as advertising and promotion agencies.
Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur
Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur
Das Erlebnismanagement Über unsere Agentur

200 event employees

14 Employees at the site

400 modules

450 event days

1000 m² warehouse
900 pitches

8 vehicles

100% fun

Gruppenbild eines Teams, welches eine Wasserfilteranlage für Uganda zusammengebaut hat - Water4Ideas Social Team Event
Helping Hands Social Team Event Prothesen für Landminenopfer
Social Teambuilding Events


Why social team building is as effective as jumping rope?

Because it trains social responsibility, improves the lives of people all over the world and is also incredibly fun, explains Reinhard Stachl in an interview.

Das Erlebnismanagement Team

One for all -
All for one!

Our team provides unforgettable experiences. In addition to the core team listed here, a large number of trained experience managers are at work for you at our numerous customer events.

MAG. REINHARD STACHLExecutive game visionary
Tel: +43 3332 66626-21
Mobile: +43 676 840 170 170
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Geschäftsführender Spielevisionär Reinhard Stachl
Tel: +43 3332 66626-0
Mobile: +43 676 840 170 570
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Team Gamperl Dietmar Gesellschafter
JULIA GEIERMarketing & Graphics
Tel: +43 3332 66626-29
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Mitarbeiterin Julia Geier Marketing Grafik Team
BEATE GLEICHWEIT-PUTZAccounting & Management Assistance
Tel.: +43 3332 66626-20
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Team Gleichweit-Putz Beate
Tel.: +43 3332 66626-11
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Team Haberl Andrea
CHRISTOPH NEUHOLDDevelopment & Special Design
Tel: +43 3332 66626-0
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Mitarbeiter Entwicklung & Produktion
MAG.(FH) GUDRUN PALMICSales & Project Management Amazibition
Tel: +43 3332 66626-28
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Das Erlebnismanagement Team Gudrun Palmic
ROMAN TRUBLWarehouse & Logistics
Tel: +43 3332 66626-0
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Roman freigestellt web
Tel: +43 3332 66626-24
Mobile: +43 676 840 170 270
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Mitarbeiterin Vertrieb Vera Schlagbauer
Tel: +43 3332 66626-25
Mobile: +43 676 840 170 970
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Zwickel dagmar
JOANNA ZWICKELHuman Resources Management Event
Tel: +43 3332 66626-23
Mobile: +43 676 840 170 370
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Zwickel joanna hell
DANIELA BAUERNHOFEREducational leaveDas Erlebnismanagement Team Bauernhofer Daniela

Off to the talent forge!

The professional handling of people and high-level entertainment at the event has to be learned! Our event and promotion staff train the necessary skills in our Experience Academy.

This means that a highly trained and FUNtastic promotion team is at your side at the event.