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Event decoration & scenery construction

Scribble Muskelkraft orange Hand Biezeps

Individualized promotion and event decoration

Impress with perfect optics

Are you looking for customized event decorations or backdrops for your next promotion that also have an appealing look?
In addition to entrances, entrance portals, surrounds and backgrounds, we also offer information boards and product reproductions. Our range also includes CNC cutting as well as light and sound effects incl. electronic controls.

Teile für Ihr individuelles Promotionspiel werden am 3D-Drucker gedruckt
Laptop mit Plan für ein individuelles Promotionspiel für CNC-Fräse
CNC-Fräse schneidet Teile für individuelles Promotionspiel aus Holzplatte
Mitarbeiter lackiert Prototyp eines Promotionspiels
Händisches Abschleifen eines individuellen Promotionspiels
Produktionsschritt beim Bau eines individuellen Promotionspiels
Letzte Fertigungsschritte beim Promotionspiel
Indivduelles Promotionspiel kurz vor Fertigstellung
Details eines individuell gefertigten Promotionspiels

Custom-made backdrops and props for your storytelling

All effects, graphics and designs are not only attractive and impressive, but also pleasing to the eye and, as already mentioned, can, of course, be tailored to your brand. Thanks to the wow effect that our promotional and event decorations offer, they will be remembered by your visitors and customers for a long time and thus create an emotional bond with your brand or event.


Case Studies


Not all cows are purple...

…but white & green!!!

Not really, either. The “cow experts” from Graz, who can now be found all over the world, know what cows really look like.
To show their customers the technology of smaXtec at trade fairs, we first built a prototype of an illuminated decorative cow, which is now being followed by other models.

Services Das Erlebnismanagement: Development & construction prototype incl. factory drawing, milling work, priming & painting, flatbed printing, electronic control, cases for transport & storage

Intended use:Presentation tool at the customer’s trade fairs

Messepromotion Spiel für Smaxtec
CNC-Fräse schneidet Teile für individuelles Promotionspiel aus Holzplatte
Letzte Fertigungsschritte beim Promotionspiel
Übersicht über die Kulisse des Bienenlabyrinths


We BEElive in Bees!

We all know that bees are important insects in our ecosystem. But do you really know HOW IMPORTANT bees are to US?

We have talked to beekeepers and biologists and are sure that more attention should be paid to this topic. That’s why we got our heads spinning and put together an exhibition theme all about the honey bee.

Services Das Erlebnismanagement: exhibition concept, content development together with biologists and beekeepers; first 3D visualization

Intended use: Interactive experience exhibition – more about the exhibition on Amazibition.com

Eingang Bienenlabyrinth - 3D Grafik
Bienenstock Quiz im Bienenlabyrinth
Alles rund um die Biene in unserem Bienenlabyrinth
3D-Grafik des Bienenstocklabyrinths



Whether indoor or outdoor decorations, floor islands or hanging elements, decorative elements for Christmas, Easter, back-to-school, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, spring/summer/fall/winter:

We supply event decorations in all shapes, sizes and colours – just the way you want them! Mechanised animations, sound, lights, etc., also provide special wow moments!

Discover large decorations!
Animatronischer Löwe Natur Themenausstellung
Animatronischer Leopard Natur Themenausstellung
Animatronisches Krokodil von vorne Themenausstellung
Animatronisches Nashorn von vorne Themenausstellung
Animatronische Giraffe Natur Themenausstellung
Elefanten Afrika Afrika-Ausstellung Themenausstellung
Animatronischer Büffel Afrika Afrika-Ausstellung Themenausstellung

Let's think big!

Das Erlebnismanagement, Umsetzungsagentur, Lager, Logistik, Reparatur und Wartung von Spielgeräten, Werbemittelbetreuung

Are you also looking for individual (large-scale) event decorations for your trade fair or presentation?
Then call on us to bring you ideas – we will show you the infinite breadth of our possibilities!

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