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Events & Promotions

Austria's largest offer for brands, events & promotions

Unique, professional and of the highest quality: Immerse yourself in Austria’s most comprehensive event & promotion offer for adults, young people and children! With our wide range of products we provide indoor and outdoor unforgettable experiences at your company parties, customer events, promotions in shopping malls & trade fairs or inspire with individual brand presentations!

HOME GAMES & AWAY GOALS for your brand

Diverse brand staging for unique experiences

We have been bringing raod shows, event tours and product presentations to your target group for more than 20 years.
But also new ideas to bring your brand closer to an even wider audience directly in their living room promise storytelling at the highest level!

Pfeil Icon für BilderKidsMANIA, Thementournee, Großveranstaltung, Sommerfest, Bastelstationen, Hüpfburgen, Bühne, Spiele, Preise

Target group comes to your brand

Pfeil Icon für BilderPlaycific Schatzsuche zum Downloaden und Ausdrucken wird im Wohnzimmer von Mutter mit Kindern gespielt

Your brand gets to the target group



For qualitative customer contacts, we design interactive presentation concepts in the branch, in the shopping center or at the trade fair booth according to your budget framework. Whether frequency bringer or frequency operator, digital technology or manual “retro-” sweepstakes, support or self-run – we guarantee the quality of the stations as if it were our own brand.

With coherent and emotional product presentation you create lasting memories of your brand.

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Pfeil Icon für BilderMessepromotion, Messeauftritt, Markenpräsentation
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Pfeil Icon für BilderGlücksrad drehen auf einem Jahrmarkt und viele Preise gewinnen


Because knowledge is fun!

Our interactive and educational Amazibitions are designed specifically for shopping malls, museums, downtowns and public venues.

Visitors experience extraordinary adventures as they playfully immerse themselves in the field of knowledge and learn a great deal in the process. Unique exhibits and great decorations make for perfect WOW experiences . With sensors, motors, lights, sounds and lots of games, children are encouraged to feel, smell, hear and immerse themselves in a breathtaking world.

Discover Amazibition!

Heartfelt ecological fun

Sustainable events & brand presentations

Sustainable events & brand presentations are more than just a presentation stand in corporate design, free pens and gummy bears to go.

They are an ideal way to show your target audience that you have your heart in the green spot,
Take responsibility and be an open-minded, outside-the-box looker.

Logo Playcircular
Plastik Team Event
Plastik schreddern
Circular Team Event Plastik geschreddert
Endergebnis Plastik
Nachhaltiger Team Event mit Plastik
Discover Playcircular!

Alone you are strong - together unbeatable!

Team events

Collaborative team building activities such as outings, creatives, coaching or the like can be done by anyone.

But with us you will find other:

At the
Social Team Events
not only YOUR team is challenged, but other people worldwide are supported. The
sustainable team events
go one step further and are dedicated to the topics Cradle2Cradle and sustainability. If it should be a little more light-hearted, we still have a huge selection of
Mobile Escape Games
in all possible sizes and designs.

Team Event
Team events
Das Erlebnismanagement Umsetzer
Rock the Slide, aufblasbare Riesenwasserrutsche
Fotostation Schnee Schneemann Schlitten Almhütte


Event packages for special occasions, seasons & themes

We have summarized interesting package offers for you for every occasion and many topics!




Not only our event equipment but also YOUR ADVERTISING, displays and event material deserves to be stored, set up and maintained in the best possible way.
We also take care of your advertising media and you don’t need to worry about logistics, professional cleaning, maintenance, repair and storage, but in live use also not about liability issues, access roads and special permits.
With us you get individual services or also a total package!

Das Erlebnismanagement, Umsetzungsagentur, Lager, Logistik, Reparatur und Wartung von Spielgeräten, WErbemittelbetreuung
Event Logistics & Maintenance

The emotional component in event planning

Event planning is a creative journey where we let our FUNtasie run wild and develop unique concepts. It’s a way to bring our expertise and imagination to the creation of experiences and bring them to life with sparking storyMagic.

Events have the extraordinary ability to stir emotions and touch hearts. From joy to pride to bliss, events are emotional roller coasters that take us through a kaleidoscope of emotions.

The Art of Event Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: The vision

The foundation of any event planning is a clear vision. What is the goal of the event? What emotions are to be aroused? The vision creates the foundation on which the entire event is built.

Step 2: The concept

Once the vision has been established, the next step is to develop a concept that brings that vision to life. Creativity and ingenuity are required to design a concept that is unique and memorable.

Step 3: The concrete planning

Concrete planning is the backbone of event planning. From venue selection to guests to timing, planning is key to making the event run smoothly.

Step 4: The details

The beauty of an event is often in the details. Decoration, presentation and expertise in design – all these small elements help to create a memorable atmosphere.

Step 5: The execution

The big day is here! The execution is the moment when all the hard work and attention to detail become visible. It is the moment when the magic of the event comes to life.

Step 6: The emotions

Events are not only external experiences, but above all emotional experiences. The amazement in the eyes of the guests, the interest among the employees or the fun that children have – all these emotions make an event an unforgettable moment and burn themselves into the minds of your guests, perfect to stage your brand according to your wishes or to increase the cohesion in your team.


Experience managers* successfully in action

Das Erlebnismanagement Eventmitarbeiter Promotionmitarbeiter Erlebnisakademie

Our experience managers ensure the atmosphere at the event and the professional presentation of your brand. They become hands-on in setting up and dismantling the stations in accordance with CD and are highly trained in dealing with customers large and small. When it comes to action and fun, guarantee the safety of visitors.

The professional handling of people at an event has to be learned! Our event and promotion staff train the necessary skills in our Experience Academy. Use our talent forge for “young professionals” also for your promotion personnel especially for the special topic family animation!

Game Managers

Events & Promotions
with over 20 years of experience

Whether event modules for company celebrations, city festivals, openings, promotional games at trade fairs, in shopping centers or at the P.O.S. or playful stagings for your brand – we support you with brain, heart & creativity!

Contact us!
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