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Shopping experiences

More customers in shopping centers

Competition between shopping malls and online stores is high! With us, shopping becomes a live event and pulls online customers off the couch!

Happy Shopping

Seizing opportunities for unique experiences

Targeted promotions for adults and children bring convenient online customers into contact with the real shopping experience. More than ever, attractive leisure entertainment programs are offered to increase frequency and length of stay in the EKZ.

Konsolen Party, Spielkonsole für Events, Videospiele,
Airbus Hupfburg mit Rutsche

Our offer for playful shopping experiences

schwarz weißes Scribble einer Glühbirne

Innovative ideas

For every occasion and season, we always offer the latest stations for long-term or daily rental, walking acts, Punch and Judy shows, stage shows and (children’s) animation programs where visitors create branded giveaways.

Scribble schwarz auf weiß 4 Pfeile zeigen auf einen Mittelpunkt

Interesting cooperation opportunities

Our contacts to well-known brand-name manufacturers enable attractive packages for your event in the shopping center with the possible sponsor discounts!

Unsupervised game ideas for your mall

Rent self runner for longer time

We offer SAFE fun for your customers with hardly any more effort for you and your team.
When selecting the modules, we paid special attention to the fact that they are easy to clean and disinfect and can also remain with you for several weeks.

Many modules only have to be switched on daily or, for example, only a material dispenser of balls, rackets, etc. has to be set up at the info point – everything has already been tested several times and found to be good.

Mobile Minigolfanlage, Sport, Sommer, Challenge, transportierbar, Minigolf, Ballspiel
Gesamtübersicht von oben - Mensworld im Einkaufszentrum
Einkaufszentrum, Stockfoto

Vacancy management

Einkaufszentrum, Stockfoto

Read our post here on how they are using temporarily vacant, empty spaces for customer experiences!

Use open spaces