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Ideas and visualization

Scribble schwarz weiß line art Ideen mit Hirnschmalz

Creative event ideas meet event production

We don’t just talk, we do.
And we’ve been doing it quite professionally, ambitiously and with unwavering passion for over 20 years.
We practise the headstand every day, on one leg if we have to. Why is that?

Because “can’t” simply doesn’t exist in our vocabulary.
Because we can, want to, know how and then just do it.
Because we have learned the craft of games from the ground up and are masters at implementing them at the point of sale.

At least that’s what our national and international games customers from Hartberg to Zurich say.


Bubbling event ideas in the first stages of realization

From brainstorming...

schwarz weißes Scribble einer Glühbirne

You have no idea how your brand can be presented in a playful way?
Or do you already have an exact idea of how you want it to be realised?

We have been developing creative game visions for more than 20 years and let your ideas take shape through FUNtasy & StoryMAGIC.

We are your ideas workshop and creative fountain with a sustainable bubble guarantee!

Scribbles are not perfect, but minimalist and are designed to get ideas and thoughts down on paper quickly. But not only on paper, initial visualisations are also possible digitally with this technique. They are a helpful tool for us in finding the perfect event idea and for customer presentations of customised products, exhibitions and promotional games.

Do you need an initial visualisation of how your idea could be implemented? We’re already scribbling, with a red thread and colorful ideas.

... to the first scribble...


... right up to the 3D design!


With our 3D visualizations, you can admire your future promotional game from all sides, “immerse” yourself in the planned exhibition, assign precise dimensions or simulate light sources, for example. 3D visualizations bring your event idea to life for the first time.

How do our graphic designers do it? With a lot of brain power, the latest programs and some glittering unicorn energy…

Best practice examples

Take a handful of ideas and a teaspoon full of muscle power
- in no time at all, a delicious treat is created from realized projects for snacking!

Radlader Scribble
bruder Traktor 3D
Liebherr aufblasbarer Traktor
VW Bus Scribble
VW Bus 3D
aufblasbarer VW Bus in echt
LOL Kugelbahn Scribble
LOL Kugelbahn Zeichnung von oben
LOL Kugelbahn
Traktor Steyr Scribble
Steyr 3D Modell
Steyr Traktor Hupfburg
Skoda Scribble
aufblasbarer Skoda 3D
aufblasbarer Skoda echt, rot
Scribble Bäume
3D von oben
Lasertag Scribble
Hero Blast Lasertag Hupfburg und Parkour
Scribble Blumen und Gießkanne
die Tauchstation in Garten
Scribble 3 Kopf-Drache
3D Drache mit 3 Köpfen, Cyrill
Drache mit 3 Köpfen in echt
Scribble von Drache mit Feuer
Drache 3D
Drache mit Rauch aus dem Mund
Skizze VW Beetle
aufblasbarer VW Beetle 3d
aufblasbarer VW Beetle

Are your event ideas just waiting to be realized?


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Other play areas

Let's take the next steps together!

Production & Construction

Scribble Muskelkraft orange Hand Biezeps

We bring events, promotions and brand appearances to life with StoryMAGIC and FUNtasy.
We design, build, carpenter, join, sew, deliver and implement all the elements for our customers’ live marketing presence.
Whether prototypes, bouncy castles or brand characters – we are happy to do it for you.

Discover custom-made products & construction

Events & Promotions

Scribble orange Stapler mit Schweißperlen und Paket auf Staplergabel

As game craftsmen, we have a wide range of skills.
We are happy to take care of all the logistics, storage and professional event support.

Discover Events & Promotions
Kostüm Rudolph, Rudolph mit der roten Nase, Geschenke verteilen, Walking Act, Maskottchen, Weihnachten, Winterzeit

More references!

White labeled in the background or active ourselves: we bring event ideas to the street and use our know-how from A-Z – until everyone is satisfied! We promise!

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