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We know how to play

Ideas workshop & all-rounder

We realize experiences and rock adventures.
We are game and event craftsmen.

We realize experiences and rock adventures.
We are game and event craftsmen.

Idea & visualization


From the idea to the scribble, from the scribble to the professional first draft: we are your creative fountain with a sustainable fizz guarantee.

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Customized & Construction


What could be more beautiful than a perfect backdrop? Two perfect backdrops! Whether promotional game, decorations, bouncy castle, brand character & Co – we do it for you.

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Events & Promotions


As game craftsmen, we have multiple skills. We take care of the professional management of brand presentations, promotions & events as well as the entire logistics.

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Brand experience right into the living room of your target group!

Sprinkle confetti rain in private atmospheres with Playcific’s Print & Play adventure games!

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In our game heart we are green

Environmental issues and sustainability are a pretty circular thing for us.

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Hüpfburg Schloss mit Rutsche
Maskottchen Käptn Hugo Erlebnismanagement
Hüpfburg Erlebnismanagement Kinder springen
Bumper Bälle Erlebnismanagement
Playcific Spielebox Kinder am Spielen
Event Kinder nachhaltiges Event
Rock the Slide Wasserrutsche Erlebnismanagement
Hüpfburg Skoda Octavia
Erwachsene spielen mit der VR-Brille
Teamwork beim Social Team Event Water4Ideas
Playcific Das Gender Reveal Spiel
Playcific Spiel zum Ausdrucken
Playcific Die Österreich-Challenge der kreativen Promotion Agentur

Little humming heroes big time!

Theme exhibition "BEExhibition" book for your location

As an organizer, you can kill several “bees” with one proverbial stone: show your commitment to the environment, bring a piece of nature into your location and provide fun & games in combination with knowledge for your customers.

Exciting exhibits, information panels and infotainment make for a yawn-free long-term exhibition.

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Social team building

Events with the social
Extra for fully charged
motivation batteries

Why social team building is as effective as jumping rope? Because it trains social responsibility, improves the lives of people around the world, and is incredibly fun to boot!

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Emotion Games

As an idea fountain with a bubble guarantee, we playfully implement your special design for your brand.

To arouse curiosity for your product, we work like a world champion and present your individual brand message in an experience-oriented, tangible and interactive way. We package arguments, interesting facts and figures in a playful way. This creates a WOW experience and your product or message is anchored in the memory of your target group.

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The creative promotion agency

As an agency that specializes in tangible and experiential storytelling for brands, we are
we firmly believe that it is more important than ever for companies today,
Messages to embrace, touch, marvel at and reuse to

One way to do this is through targeted promotional activities that will remain in the minds of your customers for a long time.
That’s why we, as a promotion agency & creative workshop, put all our brainpower into presenting your brand in a special way and attracting the attention of your target group.

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Full all-round service ahead. From A for making to Z for assembling.

We inspire where your customers are: At events, corporate celebrations or in shopping malls, we transform your target-group-specific messages into emotional brand adventures. With a toolbox, charm and a million ideas.

To the 400 event modules

Full all-round service ahead. We implement everything from a to z for you.

We inspire where your customers are:
At events, corporate celebrations or in shopping malls, we transform your messages into target group-oriented and emotional brand adventures. With a toolbox, charm and a million ideas.

To the 400 event modules

Because it's fun
to implement your ideas.

Our projects

Especially in the digital age, brands need an analog stage more than ever. Because people don’t live on the touch screen alone, but on real touches and experiences. This is especially true for your target group-oriented brand communication. We support you with muscle power and brain power.

Pfeil Icon für BilderMaskottchen Käptn Hugo Erlebnismanagement
Pfeil Icon für BilderKind steht neben Africas-Big-5 Elefant
Pfeil Icon für BilderHüpfburg Skoda Octavia
Pfeil Icon für BilderPlaycific Spielebox Kinder am Spielen
Pfeil Icon für BilderTeam Event
Pfeil Icon für BilderEvent Kinder nachhaltiges Event

Promotion agency with yawm-free ideas

As a promotion agency, we rock diverse adventures, like visualizations,
Custom designs to events and promotions. or more than 20 years, we have worked closely with our clients to understand their goals and needs and to develop individual strategies that bring your brand to life with some StoryMagic and FUNtasy.

One of our strengths is the visualization of promotion ideas. We know how important it is to create a visual concept to bring the playful implementation of brands to life.

That’s why our creative fountain bubbles away and customer wishes take shape with scribbles, illustrations or 3D renderings.

As a promotion agency in Graz, we want our clients to make an impression on their target group.
That’s why we offer customised solutions to stage brands with a fun factor and attract the attention of the target group.

Arouse emotions and leave a lasting impression...

… that’s what our products and concepts have always been about. Playful for young and old, but always on point. Thus, we are constantly developing our offer until today. Loosely based on our motto: “WE ARE PLAYING!” Let’s start together now and give your brand a magical, sparkling and stage-ready appearance as well. For this we have millions of ideas and guaranteed the right tool in the case.


We are the all-rounders!

Whether it’s a P.O.S. event in the shopping centre, a live marketing event, individual brand presentations or sustainable events – we not only have the know-how and experience to develop the perfect promotional strategy for your brand, but also a toolbox full of ideas and a pinch of glittering unicorn energy.

Furthermore, as a promotion agency in Vienna and as a creative sparring partner, we also offer our customers custom-made products to present brands in a playful way.

We do nails-with-heads and use our concentrated implementation power to not only satisfy our customers, but to inspire them.

If you are looking for emotional storytelling and sustainable brand messages that move and inspire people, trust our expertise and contact us today.