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Long term rentals for your (event) location

In these fast-moving times, your customers want something they won’t just remember until the next morning. You want something that will make your eyes light up with joy – and we’re not just talking about children’s eyes here.

Give your customers an experience that will stay in their minds for a long time to come. An experience that they will tell their friends and work colleagues about and that they will want to experience and make their way to your shopping center. And they can, because the event or exhibition in question will still be there after 2, 3 or 4 weeks. And that’s what matters. That’s the advantage of long-term rentals. Your customers can experience this adventure not just once, but for as long as the exhibition, event or campaign is on offer. As we all know, most of us capture many moments on our smartphones. What could be better than customers themselves beating the advertising drum on social media? Instagram or Facebook posts from your current event with numerous visible likes underneath. What you can’t see are the thoughts of those who don’t want to miss out on what their friend has experienced.

So, offer your customers another reason to visit your shopping center because you stand out from your competitors with these events and experiences. There are stores and restaurants in all shopping centers, but only you can offer that certain something, the reason to go to you and come back again, if you choose one of our many solutions for your shopping center. Our long-term rentals allow you to inspire a wide variety of customers. Rely on the recognition value when customers come back to your shopping center after a few weeks and are happy that the respective offer is still available and that they can try it out again. All this is only possible with long-term solutions. Especially now, in a world that largely takes place online and purchases are also made digitally, your customers need to be lured back to you. And this works best with the experiences already mentioned. Because when an experience, an event or an exhibition is waiting in the shopping center, customers like to visit and combine the experience with one or more purchases in the various stores. Without these long-term events, where families have fun together without showing each other animal videos on their cell phones, more and more customers will stay away as they do their shopping online. So, off to the long-term rentals!

Of course you also have an organizational effort with long-term rentals, that’s true, but this is – in contrast to the one hit wonders, i.e. one-day events – one-off. The promotion you have booked runs for as long as you wish, ideally for several weeks or months. Customers who have already enjoyed the booked module once will visit your shopping center again and again. This drastically increases their frequency. For this reason, you can book long-term events where campaign planning is easier and also more effective in the long term than is the case with one-day events. How often does it happen that you already have an appointment that cannot be postponed on the day of the event and you are unable to experience it? This creates resentment among customers, who probably wonder why the event is no longer available. Who wants to scare away customers and be a one-day wonder with one-day events? Consistency is the key!

As is often the case these days, you may also be struggling with changing staff or even staff shortages. You are also prepared for this when booking long-term events. There is little to no personnel expenditure during the deployment period. There are events that can be booked without supervision, where only the set-up and dismantling work is carried out by our staff. The rest almost takes care of itself. Perhaps this is a good choice for you! By organizing events without staff, you effectively save costs compared to several one-day events. You also have the option of hiring theme-specific events – scroll through the events we have already organized – we are sure that there will be more than one example that catches your eye and that you can also imagine as an experience at your shopping center. So, opt for the cost-saving option of long-term rentals in your shopping center and let our concept work for you!

But why should you count on us? We are the ideal provider of experiences when it comes to long-term rentals. Why? Because we learned the event business from scratch over 20 years ago and are constantly expanding our repertoire to meet all customer requirements. Our team players implement your visions and focus on the things that are most important to you! Contact us today and we’ll start planning your next long-term event together.

By booking a campaign over several weeks or months instead of one-day events, more attractive set-ups are of course also possible. These are a real eye-catcher for your shopping center and will be remembered by your customers for their appearance alone. Thanks to our flexibility, we are also able to carry out set-up and dismantling outside of opening hours and will therefore not prevent any customers from shopping with you.

Another question that arises is the issue of vacant properties. Do you have vacant commercial space and would you like to bring it to life? Here, too, we are a proven partner. We offer you attractive options for the use and staging of vacancies! If you don’t yet have a brilliant idea of what will go down best with you and your customers, get in touch – we’re your beady-eyed implementers! We provide you with more experience per square meter. Our staging ideas will attract more customers to your shopping center and thus increase footfall. We provide your vacant space with play ideas for all ages: whether mobile table games, PitPat or mini golf, various photo backdrops or relaxation zones for HIM while SHE does the shopping. We can offer you all of this by booking long-term exhibitions or themes in your vacancies. We offer you vacancy management 2.0.

With us you will find ideas and long-term implementations for your shopping center. Contact us, let us know what you want and we’ll get to work finding the best way to use your vacant commercial space. With events that can take place without staff, without supervision and that will invite your customers to come back. Get in touch and we will discuss everything to do with the rental period, holding events without supervision, long-term ideas for your shopping center and handling at low cost.

Bring your customers back to your shopping center from online shopping. Finally make shopping an experience that people talk about and want to relive. Impress your visitors with interactive exhibitions or games that invite them to join in. Your customers will use their smartphones to turn these events, which they experience with their family or friends, into unforgettable moments, which in the best case will be shared via social media and your shopping center will now also receive important online frequency. These shared postings remind friends and acquaintances again how nice a shopping experience can be that is not carried out virtually. Strolling through the stores with loved ones, sitting in a corner in the bookshop with a new publication and disappearing into another world, sitting in a café and chatting about children and family, trying on clothes that fit in the end and not sending back 8 out of 10 items of clothing because they don’t fit. All of this makes up the real shopping experience – that’s what your shopping center is all about.

Booking long-term events brings this experience back to you. And let’s be honest. These long-term rentals offer nothing but advantages for you. You plan a few campaigns per year and we get to work implementing them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for when scrolling through our previous campaigns, no problem. We will start planning your dream home! Another advantage of long-term exhibitions is, of course, the cost factor. Booking events without supervision or staff means lower costs for you. At a time when most things are becoming more expensive, this is a positive aspect. Vacancies are another factor in long-term rentals. As already mentioned, if you have vacant spaces available in your shopping center, they can of course be used for our attraction. This means that nothing stands in the way of long-term events in your shopping center. Get in touch with us so that we can work with you to create a campaign for your shopping center so that you can once again score points with your customers with unforgettable experiences. We look forward to creating these memories with you!