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Social Team Events

A big thank you to Company XY for embarking on this important journey with us! Through the Social Team Event and in collaboration with “Future thanks to you”, we are all working together to create a better educational environment for children at MIDODONI PRIMARY SCHOOL in GONGONI. This school is more than just a building, it is a place full of hope and community. Despite Kenya’s potential, education remains out of reach for many children there. With your indispensable help, we can change that.

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Zukunft dank dir tanzende maedchen
Zukunft dank dir
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Viele SchülerInnen sitzen in Kenia auf dem Boden des Klassenzimemrs, da sie keine Schulmöbel haben - Social Team Event
Schüler sitzen in Kenia auf dem Boden im klassenzimmer, da sie keine Schulmöbel haben - Social Team Event für Kenia
Kenianische Familie vor einer Lehmhütte
Kenianische lehmhütte

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The organization that shapes the future together with you!

We are proud to carry out this mission together with the association “Zukunft dank dir”, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating brighter futures for disadvantaged children. The association is committed to ensuring that every child has access to quality education and a safe environment in which to learn and grow.

Our collaboration with “Zukunft dank dir” has created a powerful synergy designed to change lives and leave a lasting impact. We believe in the power of community, and together we can move mountains.

The milestones

We believe in transparency and look forward to sharing the journey of your manufactured furniture with you.

Here you will find the latest updates, from the preparation and shipment of the furniture to its arrival in Kenya and the final assembly at the school.


Thank you very much for your enthusiastic participation in the Social Team Event, where you received x school furniture & x beds incl. have made mosquito nets.
These are now being carefully prepared for shipment to Kenya. Each of these pieces of furniture strengthens access to education for children in Gongoni, Kenya.

Stay tuned as we continue this important journey and together create a bright future for the children in this region of Kenya.

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We have carefully packed all the pieces of furniture produced at the Social Team Event and have now handed them over to our shipping service provider. Each piece, lovingly prepared for the long journey to Kenya, is now on its way. Thanks to this progress, our vision of creating better learning and living conditions for children in Kenya is a step closer.

Stay tuned to keep up to date.


We will also be happy to keep you up to date with the latest progress via our newsletter, so you can witness the wonderful change that YOUR COMMITMENT brings.

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