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Customized promotional games & prototypes

Custom-made products and prototypes

Playfully staging brand messages -

create WOW experiences

To implement your brand communication in an experience-oriented way, we like to use all our coloured pencils and tinker like world champions.
With a lot of brain and muscle power, we then showcase strong products even better with a suitable game. On the one hand, individual brand messages are emotionally tangible in this way and remain in the memory of your target group for longer due to the high attention span.
On the other hand, because we love the craft of gaming and everything that goes with it and have mastered it perfectly. That’s why we don’t just develop, design and plan. We also take care of the entire production, assembly and the associated logistics, deployment and personnel planning. We are even happy to take on tedious maintenance and repair work. Because if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it with all the trimmings. It’s as simple as that.

Teile für Ihr individuelles Promotionspiel werden am 3D-Drucker gedruckt
Fräserkopf einer CNC-Fräse bearbeitet Holz für ein Promotionspiel
C transparent mit licht
B transparent ohne licht
Händisches Abschleifen eines individuellen Promotionspiels
LOL Kugelbahn Scribble
LOL Kugelbahn Zeichnung von oben
LOL Kugelbahn freigestellt
Messepromotion Spiel für Smaxtec
Indivduelles Promotionspiel kurz vor Fertigstellung
3D Skizze Erholungsraum
Scribble Bäume
Kugelbahn Vorderseite
Kugelbahn Metallbahn
Scribble Blumen und Gießkanne
Candy Grabber
Zylinder, Dose, Schreibox, Sampling Automat
Einarmiger Bandit
Escape Box,Spielautomat
Scribble Holz Memory

A rolling surprise

L.O.L. Surprise marble run – Presentation for L.O.L. Surprise

The aim was to design a game for the POS that supports the sale of the product according to the product content. The result not only gets children’s imaginations rolling but also arouses curiosity about other products from the brand.

Staging of the sale with L.O.L marble run as a stand-alone version:
By pressing one button (out of three) you can choose which ball you would like to see rolling down the tube system with light effects. At the removal point, you then decide whether the selected ball is to be removed for purchase at the cash desk or transported back into the respective ball container with the help of a lift. There are additional sales shelves on the back of the marble run – this increases interest in the products through the presentation with the marble run. At the same time, the sale of other relevant products is boosted, creating a positive emotion associated with the product. This makes shopping a fun experience for the whole family.

Family with children, POS/retail/use for emotional sales support

Our creative spectrum

Leistungsspektrum Schritte von Idee bis Logistik

A child's dream to discover

True-to-original replica of the L.O.L of the Surprise House

Detailed replica of the bottom floor of the L.O.L House of Surprise for events in shopping centres or promotional events – in real size.

Reconstruction and staging of the lower part of the LOL Surprise House.
The lower floor of the L.O.L Surprise House was recreated using simple stand-alone interactivations. The children look for switches and buttons in the house that trigger an action. Visitors are thus automatically emotionally bound to the brand through the playful discovery and experience in the “Life size House”. The real playhouse is also available on-site for viewing, comparison and purchase.
Workshops and activities can be booked on highlight days to generate additional visitors.

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Family with children; shopping centers, the brand’s own promotional events

A thirst for knowledge with high voltage

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Electric quiz for the “Africa’s BIG 5” exhibition

We were looking for a stand-alone production for the Amazibition exhibition “Africa’s BIG 5”. It was important to convey knowledge playfully and to create WOW moments by picking up on “curious facts” about the animal. In the electric quiz, visitors learn so many interesting facts about the giraffe, with a very special excitement.

Families with children, adults and teenagers of all ages.
It was used as part of the Amazibition “Africa’s BIG 5”. As a stand-alone promotional game, the electric quiz can be branded in a variety of ways – and is therefore also versatile.

Forest experience with the WOW factor

Playful processing and knowledge transfer of the topic “6 reasons why we need and love trees”

Families with children, shopping centers, airports, train stations, museums and other destinations with an ecological focus

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After searching for another strong exhibition theme to build up our young AMAZIBITION department, we focused on an ecological and sustainable theme that is directly linked to the unavoidable topic of “climate change” – the forest.

When it comes to trees, it was obvious to work with wood. After careful consideration of how the 6 chosen reasons “Why we need and love trees?” could be playfully developed, we turned to our regional partner “Almholz”.

For each argument, a wooden marble run was designed individually and in terms of content, incorporating all the important facts. And this is how the holistic, regionally and sustainably produced exhibition on an increasingly important economic topic came about. The wooden marble runs are designed and implemented as a stand-alone game.
This is another way to create nature experiences for visitors!

New games:


Das Erlebnismanagement, Umsetzungsagentur, Gesamtservice Events Promotions

We create a new game for you – 100% customized to your brand.

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